How to Brush Your Feline Friend

Tips on cat grooming

If you own a cat, you know from firsthand experience that the elegant felines are fastidious groomers. But as diligent as your pet is about this task, there are times when it will require help from you. However, most owners are afraid to comb their felines because they risk getting clawed. Yet, there are ways to achieve efficient cat grooming while saving both your cat and yourself unnecessary incidents and problems.

  • Accustom them to being handled

Wait for the moment when they are relaxed, content, and well-fed. Start with short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes. Pet and praise them while you brush their fur and watch for telltale signs that your pet does not like what is happening. If you see many of those, stop grooming your cat immediately. Keep doing this until your feline gets used to the procedure.

  • Pick the right type of brush

If your cat is short-haired, employ a fine-toothed metal comb to remove large entangled hairs. Then use a soft rubber brush to extract any loose hair. For a long-haired feline, start with a comb that has wide teeth followed by a wire hairbrush. You can also consider using a toothbrush to remove hairs around the face. If you happen to encounter any mats during the process, carefully disentangle them. Do not try to scissor them out, as you might frighten the animal. Generally, the less furry breeds require grooming twice a week, while the long-furred ones might need to be brushed every day.

Cat grooming is a good way for the owners to bond with their beloved pets. It also helps to keep a cat healthy, as entangled fur can cause skin irritation and wounds. However, in order for the ritual to go without any incidents, such as provoking the feline to use claws, certain steps need to be taken to ensure the kitty feels at ease and is well groomed.

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