Cat Grooming

Do hairballs have your kitty feeling nauseous?

Are your cat’s claws tearing holes in your couch? Does your kitty need to stop the itching from those pesky fleas? Then you and your feline might be looking for some pet pampering and that’s just what we provide! We’ve been in business in Las Vegas for 6 years so we’ve got the experience treating a cat with the grooming that is better than he or she can do himself!

Cat grooming in progressAt  Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming in Las Vegas we will treat your cat like a king or a queen. We know you care about your cat and we share that affection and concern when we groom and pamper your kitty. If your cat’s long hair is easily matted or causes excess hairballs bring your baby to us for expert cat grooming. We’ll comb and brush his or her fur thoroughly and use the finest of hairball treatments to help luxuriously reduce Poopsie’s upset stomach. Your cat’s coat will feel richer and smoother! If those claws are a little too hard on your furniture, our experts in trimming can make kitty’s scratching less damaging without causing him or her any pain.

Suspect a flea outbreak? We’ve got the shampoos and treatments necessary to get rid of them! Plus,  Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming goes over your feline with a fine-toothed comb. Those fleas are goners! Maybe ear mites are causing itching. We’ll gently check Buttercup’s ears and apply treatment if needed to help with those little buggers. The EAR-itation will be cleared up in no time! At Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming we’ll also check your cat’s skin to see if there’s anything unusual that might be cause for a vet visit!

At Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming we care about your kitty and his or her grooming almost as much as you and your cat do! Call us at (702) 731-5678 to set up an appointment or find out more about all our services and special rates! We’re looking forward to your visit!

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