Dog Grooming

Happy dogs grooming by experts

In order to give your dog the ultimate dog grooming experience, Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming use high quality all natural products. Please call for pricing details. Our love for animals started way before the idea of being a local dogs groomer ever popped.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy taking the time to really get to know your dogs. We continue to educate ourselves on canine health and nutrition so we can recommend products that may help your dog live a healthy.

Little dog after grooming procesuresPawsh Wash Pet Grooming has the pure enjoyment of sharing our lives with animals of many shapes and sizes. We make special bonds with our dogs and supply for them food and water, a comfortable and safe home, medical attention and affection.

Your dog’s pleasure is our number one task. At Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming we care about your dogs, & our kind ways help them relax and enjoy the process. We offer your pet an option of soft beds or play sessions between table sittings. Your dog can spend the day among friends in our daycare & be pampered by our loving personnel. We also try and let our dogs spend as much time as possible hanging out with friends and avoid “crate time” as much as possible.

As Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming goes above and beyond to meet all of our dogs’ needs, we must keep in mind that all dogs require grooming. Appropriate dog grooming is an important part of dog care. It not only makes a companion animal look better, but contributes to his or her physiological and psychological health.

Your dog’s personal groomer can play an intricate part in their health and well being and they can provide you, the owner, with a source of valuable information in regard to regular dog grooming & maintenance. Along with your veterinarian, a dog groomer can be very helpful in discovering existing health and skin problems, and may be able to work with you in resolving some of them. We also offer cat grooming services.