Is the Hygiene of Your Pet Related to Its Health?

Why Is Regular Dog or Cat Grooming so Important?

Cats and dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis not only because of purely aesthetic reasons but also because it is recommended for their well being. Today, the cat grooming specialists of Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming will tell you how keeping your pet clean is closely related to keeping it healthy as well.

  • What do pet meds and vets say about skin conditions and coat health?

You don’t need to be a dog or cat grooming specialist to know that the skin and coat health of your pet are an indication of its overall well being. Skin problems, fleas, dry weather, and dull thinning hair can be the first indications of deficiency of nutrients, thyroid problems, kidney and liver disease, parasitic infection, etc. A medical shampoo can be a nice nutritional supplement to the skin of your pet if applied on a regular basis. Make sure you buy only trusted brands if you want to receive the desired results.

  • What are the benefits of using dental hygiene products?

Nearly 90% of cats and dogs which are over 4 years have periodontal disease. This can be prevented if you brush the teeth of your pet frequently. You probably already know that your pet will hate the toothbrush, so begin with a few seconds at a time and work up to a 30 second brushing with special pet toothpaste. For your convenience, there are also plenty of dental chew toys and treats that can help you take care of your pet’s teeth. Special pet chews, for example, can keep the teeth of your cat or dog clean and strong between brushing.

If your cat or dog gets a dental disease, it will surely influence their eating habits and activity because of the pain they will experience on a daily basis. It can also result in more serious problems like lung, heart, and kidney disease. As a matter of fact, your pet’s veterinarian can create a special diet which can protect the tooth health of your cat or dog to prevent plaque build-up, cavities, tartar, gingivitis, and bad breath.

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