Simple Steps to Groom Your Pet at Home

Professional Dog Grooming Tips Which You Will Love!

A professional groomer is always the most preferable way to pamper your pet, but what happens when you do not have time to take your dog to an expert or you do not have the opportunity to spend money on that? The answer is simple – you have to do the grooming by yourself! Today, we will share with you some tips on how you can do this in the most professional manner.

With practice, patience, and, of course, the right tools, everything is possible. Here are the steps you need to go through.

  • Consult a vet and assemble your dog grooming tools. It is important to find the most suitable tools based on your pet’s coat length and thickness as well as the type of its hair (smooth or curly). You may need to buy more than one comb to make sure you reach the desired results.

  • Brush your pet’s fur regularly in order to remove any dirt or dead hair. Be very gentle, especially when dealing with tangles and mats.

  • For the bathing part, you will need a special shampoo for pet hair, a towel, and of course, some treats. The tub should not have more than a few inches of lukewarm water when you put your dog into it. Once the hair of your pet is wet, use a spray nozzle to apply the shampoo over its hair.

  • When your pet is relaxed after the bath, you’d better focus on its pedicure. Cutting your dog’s nails is much easier while they are still soft from the bath. Don’t cut too close to the quick as you may hurt your dog otherwise. Don’t forget to check the paws for cracked pads and swelling.

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