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cat grooming servicePet grooming is a very important part of pet care. But it’s just not all about maintaining their good looks, it’s keeping them at an optimum level of cleanliness all the time. When it comes to grooming your pet animals, it would be advisable to get a licensed pet groomer especially if you are going to do it for the first time. Although you already have established connections with your pets, there could be chances that it may act violently towards you, if you do a wrong move in ear cleaning or nail clipping, for example. Maintain the physical health and clean appearance of your pets at home by taking a regular visit to our grooming center. Learn more about us by staying on this page.

Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming is a well-known grooming center in Las Vegas NV. We specialize in gentle cat grooming for many years already. Many clients have already opted for our grooming services because of our full dedication and commitment in taking good care of their pets. Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming only employs a fully certified and licensed pet groomer which makes our services even more reliable and safe for your beloved cat pets.

Choose our cat grooming service and you’ll be amazed by the results that we can make. In case your cat pet has a skin problem or complication, we are highly capable of giving them an immediate and specialized treatment. Get an added peace of mind by putting your animal pets under our watch and care. Bring them to us when you have to stay away for work and you’ll see how we can transform them beautifully and healthily.

Know where to you bring your pets for specialized grooming, make your way to our grooming center and we’ll never fail you. If you are living in Las Vegas NV, feel free to proceed directly to our office in the area. You can also contact us at (702) 731-5678.