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Learn More About a Professional Pet Grooming Service in Spring Valley, NV

Pet Services at Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming Las Vegas start out the pet grooming process by specially selecting an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your dog’s needs and thoroughly bathe them using our HydroSurge power bathing systems. We’ll also clean their ears (pulling the ear hair when necessary) and grind or clip & file their nails, blow-dry and/or air-dry your dog and brush out their coat. Basic pet services may also include “Face, Feet & Fanny”, which means that we will tidy up the dog’s face (particularly around it’s eyes), trim or shave between their paw pads and perform a sanitary clip. De-matting and De-Shedding will be performed when needed and billed at an additional charge. Full grooming includes all of the above plus haircut/styles.

Pet Grooming Service

Pet Grooming Service

In our new devoted grooming salon, your pet can relax without a lot of commotion. You can be safe in knowing that your pet is safe & happy here in Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming‘s unique environment. As a reliable pet groomer, our company specializes in starting puppies, catering to senior dog’s needs & really listening to our Spring Valley, NV customers’ desires.

The pet grooming method goes along in stages, that way your furry friend won’t be rushed through without a break. Pawsh Wash Pet Grooming in Spring Valley, NV also doesn’t want them to be left alone for very long. We’ve found that small rests or cage free play time between stages helps your pet relax, enjoy being groomed & have a great experience. Full grooms typically take about 4-5 hours. A little less time is needed for our bath & neaten services. Your dog is welcome to stay longer if that’s more useful.

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Services List

  • Complete Dog Grooming
  • Complete Cat Grooming
  • Nail Clipping
  • Fur Cutting
  • Cat and Kitten Bathing
  • Toothbrushing